Yamaha Digital Pianos: Contemporary Series

We strive to help musicians, families, kids, first-timers, professionals, and anyone else to find an instrument that will suit their needs.  Sometimes an acoustic piano just isn't in the cards, especially in New York City where space can be tight and sound can be an issue.  A new digital piano made by Yamaha is a great way to get started.  The two models we stock are both full-sized with 88 keys, and have weighted actions to feel like pianos keys.  They are also touch-sensitive, meaning that they have dynamics in sampling from a very quiet pianissimo to a loud and powerful forte.  Each model is headphone compatible and has connectivity to modern computers for all kinds of extra features.  We are proudly offering full value on trade-ins toward an acoustic piano, at any time.  So you can start with a Yamaha keyboard today and trade in toward a real piano in two years or more--a great deal!  

All Yamaha digital pianos feature a 3 year manufacturer-offered warranty.  Please note that Big Wrench Piano Care is not shipping Yamaha keyboards at this time.  The keyboards are available for local pickup only and local New York City delivery can be available for an additional charge.