New York City Wurlitzer and Rhodes Service and Rebuilding

Wurlitzer Electric Piano Tuning and Service

From Ray Charles and Donny Hathaway to Supertramp and Beck, the Wurlitzer Electric Piano has defined many musical styles, from the 1950's through to today.  There are at least eight different models of Wurlitzer electric pianos that we proudly service.  If you find one, or happen to have one that isn't so hot, we can fix it and make it sound and play even better than the day it was made.  Of course, you can also check out the rebuilt and warranted models we have available for sale here.  It can be much easier and often more cost efficient to purchase a warranted and rebuilt instrument from our shop than to find one quite run down, already overpriced for its condition, and rebuild it.  Please do not hesitate to call or stop in as we are always ready to talk electric pianos.

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Services include:

-Reed replacement and tuning

-Regulation for optimal playability

-Voicing for timbre consistency 

-Amplifier replacement (Vintage Vibe or Retro Linear amplifiers)

-Ambient and static noise troubleshooting

-Variable speed vibrato upgrade

-Modernization to IEC power cable and input receptacle

-Action center re-pinning for consistent regulation and touch weight

-Key re-bushing and cleaning

-Custom case painting and case repair


Fender Rhodes Electric Piano Tuning and Service

Used extensively by Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, The Beatles and plenty of other great bands, Fender Rhodes pianos are almost always in need of service in some respect.  The action design is far from perfect, and alignment issues are critical for playability.  Pick-up and tine replacements and key pedestal modifications are other very common Rhodes improvements.  Like Wurlitzers, Rhodes on the used market vary widely in price and condition, and many have been played and toured with extensively, making rebuilding a bigger job than one might think.  You might save some stress and money on your search by checking the available Rhodes that we have already completely overhauled here.

-Tine and tone bar replacement, cleaning and tuning

-Tone bar grommet, screw and washer replacement

-Hammer tip replacement--felt or rubber tips

-Damper felt replacement and damper spring strength modifications

-Regulation for optimal playability, including harp height and strike-line modifications

-Voicing for tone, volume and "bark" distortion

-Key re-bushing and cleaning

-Key pedestal modification for a more satisfying key stroke

-Pick-up replacement and rewiring

-Volume and bass boost pot cleaning and replacement

-Passive (stage models) and active (suitcase models) electronic troubleshooting

-Case repair and re-Tolexing (standard black or custom colors)

-Plastic top re-spraying and custom painting and lacquering

-Case hardware and logo replacement


Other Makes of Electric Pianos

We can perform certain repairs and improvements to some Hohner, Baldwin and Yamaha makes of electric pianos.  Please note that we do not work on any modern digital keyboards or synthesizers but can provide a reference for such repairs.  Please call or email to specifically discuss your needs.

In-Shop Service

Please feel free to bring your electric piano into the shop for a comprehensive evaluation. We will thoroughly examine the instrument and produce a brief write-up stating condition, usually with two to three levels of recommended service.  A bench fee of $95.00 (plus tax) will be charged upon drop-off, and any agreed-upon service based on the write-up will have the bench fee credited toward work done.  We strive to complete the job in a timely manner, and pick-up must be arranged upon notice of completion, or a storage charge may apply.  We can also arrange pick-up and re-delivery of your electric piano from your home or studio to the shop and back for an additional fee.

In-Home Service

We can be available to examine an electric piano in your home or studio as well.  Similar to it being in the shop, we will give it a comprehensive evaluation and note our findings, then produce a write-up with recommended service.  A fee of $180.00 (plus tax) will apply at the time of the inspection, and half of this fee ($90.00) will be credited toward any of the jobs we recommend.  More often than not, the keyboard will come to the shop for service, but there are certain jobs where the piano can be improved in the home.