"From the time I was a boy
The piano was my pride and joy.
So keeping ours well tuned and such
Matters to me very much.

And we've been absolutely thrilled
To find a young man who is skilled
At bringing out the very best
In each piano. And the test

Is in the playing and the sound.
In Brian Whiton we have found
A master of piano care
Who made my wife and me aware

Of a transforming new technique
That brought our Steinway to its peak.
The touch, the feel of every key
Seems like a miracle to me.

It's possible for me somehow
To play piano better now.
That's how it feels but to be fair
It is Big Wrench Piano Care.

If you love the piano too
The very best thing you can do
If you ask me, the man to see
Is Brian Whiton, RPT."

Charles Osgood, retired host of CBS Sunday Morning

"Brian from Big Wrench Piano has been tuning and voicing and looking after the very old (95+), much-loved Mason & Hamlin grand piano at the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church. He treats it with the respectful care and high level of professionalism it is due, and without exception, the pianists who play in our series have praised his work, 'The piano sounds so lovely,' 'It is like butter,' 'I love playing on this piano.' Brian is a highly reliable and professional technician, and, even more importantly, it is clear he loves his work. I am happy to recommend him enthusiastically."

Wanda Fleck, Brooklyn Friends Of Chamber Music

"As a professional pianist, I need frequent tuning, technical adjustments and maintenance on my instrument. I feel that I can count on Brian, he always delivers!"

Romain Collin, professional jazz pianist

"Brian Whiton is an accomplished and experienced piano technician. He is also a delightful person. He has been tuning my piano for many years. Recently he has upgraded my Steinway M piano. He worked on it in my apartment and took parts of it to his studio where he had to manage highly complex repairs and reconstruction. The piano sounds wonderful again! I recommend Brian to all my piano friends as I have complete confidence in his judgment and ability." 

Pat Lutz, retired teacher and musican