Big Wrench Piano Care began as a tuning and repair service dedicated to custom professional acoustic piano service and we still honor our commitment to the thousands of pianos in New York homes, music schools, churches, concert halls, recording studios, parks, and any other place where a piano might be ready to make music.  With a team of dedicated tuner/technicians, we are able to schedule a visit in a timely manner, and offer sound advice and service at different price points to suit the needs of every level of musician. 

• Aural Tuning

Tuning is perhaps the most difficult skill to master in the business.  We always aim for the best sound that a piano can give, and often end up spending extra time on the visit to ensure that the piano sounds as good as it will allow us to make it.  We will also let you know what you might be able to expect about the sound and condition of your piano, in regards to general tuning.  Pianos drift out of tune (and sometimes a bit back into tune) mainly with changing humidity conditions.  Most non professional musicians are okay with tuning between one and three times a year.  We recommend two to four times per year for serious musicians who play regularly, or a tuning before any performance or recording session for pianos that are in professional venues.  Some pianos tend to hold tune better than others due to a variety of factors.  Feel free to email, call or stop into the shop to discuss piano tuning needs and expectations at any time!

• Comprehensive Repairs

We can handle everything from sticking keys to squeaks, buzzes, and rattles to missing action parts to broken strings, faulty pedals, harsh tone, case scratches and more.  We carry a lot of tools and parts with us and can usually make repairs on the initial visit.  If we do not have the proper part with us, we will almost certainly have it at the shop and can schedule a return visit to finish the job as soon as possible.  

• Appraisals

What the piano is worth, and what it could be worth if it is in need of restoration. We are available for both informal advice on value or formal written information on its condition and estimates for what is needed for improvement.

• Action Regulation

Action regulation can best be summed up as how efficiently the piano can transfer the energy of from your mind, arms and fingers to the strings of the piano to produce the music you are trying to make.  There are numerous adjustments that can be made to make the action feel consistent and easy when played; resulting in less effort to make more music.  Pianos that are played frequently, or haven't been played in a long time are often in need of a series of adjustments to bring the parts into alignment.  Regulation generally also includes action cleaning, friction, weight and action geometry analyzation, lubrication and the re-shaping of the hammers prior to calibration.

• Action  Analysis and Measurement for Leverage, Weight and Touch

• Voicing 

Working with the hammers to change the overall sound of the instrument; making it softer or louder, brighter or darker, and most importantly, consistent.

• Key Repair, Re-bushing and Recovering

Vintage ivory keys cleaned up and replaced, or complete new key tops to enhance the look and feel of the piano.  Felts in the top of the bottom of pianos keys are often loose, detracting from the energy of the key stroke and resulting in a feeling of instability.  Re-bushing is the replacement of these felts, and the cleaning, lubrication or replacement of the key pins that the bushings fit around.

• Soundboard Repair and Restringing

Full or partial sets of strings to improve upon a dull or deadened sound.

• Full Refinishing or Existing Finish Touch-Up

Rejuvenate an old finish or complete refinishing to make the instrument an eye-catching show piece.

• Consultations

Not sure of what you want out of your piano? Advice on piano care, lessons, buying, selling, renting, and getting the most out of your investment.